Pray to whomever / whatever you’re pulled towards. God, Allah, Universe, Creator, Unknown, etc. Your religious affiliation / status isn’t the focus of these prayers. Setting a strong foundation & helpful purpose for your day – is the purpose.

These two prayers are the result of a Veterans PTSD group that had Christian, Muslim, Agnostic, and Atheist members. It’s now yours to use / model if you feel so inclined. ~ Coach Brian


(1) Dear _________ , thank you for this new day.

(2) Thank you for blessing me with the people I love and care about. Please protect them from violence, emotional distress, and serious illness.

(3) Please help them develop spiritually, so they have a foundation of comfort, support, and hope… while keeping them away from any faith or religion that uses fear, anger, or isolation from loved ones, in its’ practice.

(4) I ask that you help keep my heart pure & undivided. Help me learn from my careless thoughts, words, and actions.

(5) Please bring me towards spiritual truth. When I drift off path, please guide me back on.

(6) Wherever I go today, let me spread happiness, strength, peace, and goodness. Please have my presence bring people a feeling of recognition and self-worth.

(7) Help me embrace challenges that come my way, as opportunities rather than hardships.

(8) Help me keep a cool head if angered, and respond in a way that calms everyone involved, whenever possible.

(9) I ask that you bring financial abundance into my life. The more abundance I have, the better lifestyle I can provide for my family & the more I can give to my chosen charities.

(10) I know that for every pain, hardship, or frustration in my life… there are other people, RIGHT NOW, who are weaker & less fortunate than I… who’ve endured much worse.

When I look back at what my ancestors faced, I can see that I have far more opportunities & resources than they ever had. I know the majority of them did the best they could, with what they were taught, using what they had.

So, I will overcome the hurdles in my life by taking disciplined action & making good decisions.

(11) ___________ , know that I will never blame you for any lack, in my life. I will pray, I may ask, but I’ll never ‘expect’ you to comply with my wishes.

Although it might not feel like it at times, I know that I’m already very blessed.

(12) I love you __________ , and I am amazed and in awe of the _________.



(1) Dear ________ , thank you for the blessings you have given me. Those I’m aware of, and those I’m not.

(2) I apologize to those I’ve wronged, intentionally or unintentionally. I pray that they are doing well, and their lives improve daily.

(3) I humbly ask for your forgiveness for the sins I’ve committed, and for those I commit in the future.

(4) I want you to know that I feel you in my soul, and I want to know the truth about our creation & spiritual journey. Please guide me correctly.

(5) I have been exposed to many religions and different teachers and don’t know which text / religion is the truth… or if I still haven’t been exposed to the truth, as of yet.

(6) I’m grateful for the life I have and am grateful for everything you & the Universe have given my family and I.

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