Executive Protection Specialist Bodyguard CourseDo you want to become a Professional Bodyguard? They are known as Executive Protection Agents.

There is a misconception that police officers and military personnel with combat experience are automatically qualified to be a bodyguard. That is a false belief.

A quality course covers:

1. The Fundamentals of Security
2. The Principles of Protection
3. Licensing Considerations
4. How To Avoid “Attitude” Mistakes
5. How To Determine Threat Levels
6. Who The Industry Experts Are
7. Which Resident Schools Are The Best!
8. How to beat the former cops and military pro’s gunning for the EP job you want!
9. Contract Essentials
… and much, much more!

The course should prepare the student to speak, behave & present themselves as a calm professional. If you want to Enhance Your Professionalism… this course is for you!

Our recommended course is provided by International Security Training LLC, based out of Mesa, Arizona – USA. They’ve been in business since 2003 and their online reviews are excellent. You can conduct due diligence on them by reviewing their Better Business Bureau profile, HERE.