Born in Kenosha, WI and raised there until he was 15 years old… Brian proudly claims the title of “Cheese-head” when with friends & family.  It was during these formative years that Brian developed a passion for the martial arts & grappling.  It was also during these years that he developed a love of stand-up comedy.  This love did not, as report cards would prove, help him achieve the grades in school that his parents wanted. 😉

Brian K Allen Author Veteran Kenpo Jujitsu

Brian – 2 Yrs Old

Fast forward to Arizona! This is where Brian’s parents moved the family when he was 15 years old.  It was here that he participated in wrestling, kenpo karate, and law enforcement explorers. The four years he spent with the Explorers provided him with some of the best & most fun memories he has of his high school years. 

Brian K Allen Author Veteran Kenpo Jujitsu

Brian – 16 Yrs Old

Post high school, Brian enlisted in the US Army.  Initially he served on active duty. Once that contract was complete, he enlisted in the AZ Army National Guard for a short time… and then enlisted in the US Army Reserves.  It was while he was in the Reserves, that he was put back on active duty and deployed overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. 

Brian K Allen Author Veteran Kenpo Jujitsu

Brian – Ft. Bliss, TX

Brian’s civilian employment shows experience in almost every level a person can work.  From being a minimum wage courtesy clerk (bagger) at a grocery store, to a near minimum wage contract security guard, to in-house corporate security, then into supervisor, manager, & senior level security positions.  These positions groomed Brian for his career in the Executive Protection (Bodyguard) field. Brian has learned from & enjoyed all the roles. 

Brian K Allen Author Veteran Kenpo Jujitsu

Brian – BBB Presentation

Brian’s Educational Path

Completion Date | Program Name

1990 May  Graduated High School

1993 May  Executive Security International

1993 July  Police Sciences Institute

1994 July  US Army Military Police School

1997 Jan  US Army Institute of Professional Development / 103 Cr Hrs

2001 Mar  Bachelor of Science (Criminal Justice)

2002 Apr  Master of Science (Occupational Health & Safety)

2006 Sept  Master of Business Administration (General Mgt)

2010 Aug  Certified Paralegal

2012 Jul Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

2012 Nov  Business Mgt

2016 Mar  Forensic Science

2019 Oct  Doctor of Philosophy (Humanities) 

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